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How to get the internal code of SAP ABAP icons ?  here is a simple code to get all internal codes. (clic on read more)



comment obtenir le code interne des icones SAP ABAP ? voici un petit code vous permettant de les retrouver tous. (cliquez sur lire la suite)



REPORT  zzagetest00.

TABLES: icon.

SELECT-OPTIONS: s_icon FOR icon-name.

DATA: l_text(4). AT SELECTION-SCREEN ON VALUE-REQUEST FOR s_icon-low. CALL FUNCTION 'ICON_SHOW' EXPORTING icon_name = 'ICON_*' IMPORTING icon_name = s_icon-low EXCEPTIONS no_icon_selected = 1 no_object_found = 2 OTHERS = 3. START-OF-SELECTION. WRITE: / '!! replace the * by @'. SELECT * FROM icon WHERE name IN s_icon. l_text = icon-id. TRANSLATE l_text USING '@*'. WRITE: / icon-id, icon-name, l_text. ENDSELECT.